US manufacturing success made possible by tech

I am blown away by how tech is enabling institutional innovation in the US. From the latest update from Touchfire that raised capital on Kickstarter and had a US manufacturer find them:

As you may recall, we tried pretty hard to make Touchfire in the US, but ultimately couldn’t find a US manufacturer who would give us a reasonable bid or a reasonable timeline. We let you know all about this in Update 12. So we proceeded to manufacture Touchfire in Asia, where something like 95% of iPad accessories are made today. As you know, we went pretty far down that road.

But doing Touchfire the Kickstarter way – letting the world know everything that goes on with the project, sometimes has strange and wonderful consequences…

Piece by piece, we’ve found that if you work hard and if you find the right partners (or if they find you), it is now possible to make an iPad accessory in the US that is as competitive as doing it in Asia.


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